Mehndi ceremony is a famous tradition ritual in a wedding. The bridal mehndi designs maintain symmetry pepper leave styles, complicated patterns as well as floral motifs this is a significance of positive alternative. A famous ritual bridal Mehndi is celebrated in Asian countries so mehndi has an important role in the wedding and the girl is also very much excited of this ritual in which her palms and feet are decorated with my favourite mehandi designs images. It also gives a delightful look to the bride on the wedding. The Bride’s hands are fully covered with Bridal and traditional Mehndi designs are applied on bride’s hands and also a ritual of hiding name of Bride in mehndi. Some of the designs are specially designed for brides, so they always remember their wedding. This type of mehndi is very complicated, so it is necessary that a skilled person can make on bride palm.

Traditional Mehandi Designs

simple arabic mehndi design

The tradition and culture influence mehndi designs also. During the wedding ceremony, women see with traditional decorative mehendi designs on their hands. Peacock design is the most favorable traditional designs among ladies. In traditional mehndi design, the hands of the bride are decorated with several floral as well as flower designs. The palms look more amazing and prettier because each and every design enhances the beauty of the bride. The designs of traditional mehandi signify that all the rituals are traditional and full of spirit. As the time changes, this design is not so common but brides hands appeal marvelous so it is preferred by them. Simple Mehndi design patterns will include beautiful leaves and floral designs that are preferred by girls on their prettier hands. But the occasions of Karva ChauthRaksha Bandhan’s traditional artists are mostly found by ladies.

Glittery Mehendi Design

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Glitter is something that girls used it for the decoration of their body parts. But when it comes to the case of mehndi glitter is a way to beautify the hands and feet of a girl. So this style is preferable by girls by applying on the traditional design that gives a unique and shiny look. This type of mehndi design mostly preferable for party occasions and take care of that glitter color compliment your dress also. It is a kind of great attempt that also portray several religious places of worship.  Unique designs have been made with the help of glitters. Glitter mehndi nowadays become a trendy and popular among ladies. In this sparkle has been added that assist hands to look alluring and pretty. The nature of these kinds of designs is loud and adequate that outshines the bride hands and feet.

Creepers and Leaves:-

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Creepers and leaves are a perfect art for making a structural flow. The creeper art is so charming and pretty that girls are more attract to implement it on their hands with it.

The twists:-

mehndi designs for hand

This twisted mehndi becomes eye-catching on several occasions. This pattern assists to draws attention on the Jewellery of a bride. This design more compliment with split mandala and others.

Royal Architecture:-

mehandi designs for hands

This is a kind of traditional henna design that we find in the ancient Mughal palaces. In this several domes as well as floral design can give a look of royal residence on ladies hands. The more emphasis of this design is the chequered and split pattern. But on the fingers, normal leaves patterns are used to give them a royal look.

Peacock Mehndi Designs:-

pakistani mehndi designs

This is the most favorable design that is much liked by all the ladies. This design is mostly implemented on the bridals hands in a beautiful as well as pretty way. It always gives a feminine look that makes your hands look gorgeous. This is the main section of a Punjabi mehndi design.

The Elephant Motif:-

pakistani mehndi designs

Elephant Motif mehndi is one of the favorable bridal mehndi of girls. It’s swirly as well as curvy patterns give a distinct look and feet of a bride also decorated with pretty elephants that mostly noticed on wedding functions. This pattern is very much similar to peacock and floral design.

Paisley Design:-

simple mehendi design

It is a kind of a mehndi design that involves tiny paisleys. This is an excellent way to represent an art of artist. This design will create a delicate design pattern, the result is a very fascinating and looks amazing.

Circular Motifs:-

mehndi designs for kids

Circular motifs are aesthetical mehndi design that is much more appealing. The thing that makes it great is that the circle furnishes hand a neat as well as clean impression and a fantastic look.

Floral Designs:-

mehandi designs for hands images

It is one of the most popular designs that is used in Punjabi Mehndi design.  Flowers signify the epitome of femininity. When the mehndi design blemish then these flowers make the glory of your beautiful palms.

Beautiful Mehendi designs:-

mehandi designs for hand images

Some girls are really crazy about beautiful mehndi designs who want a perfect design on their palms that give an attractive look to their beautiful hands. Some mehndi designs are intricate.

Chequered Pattern:-

mehndi designs for wedding

This is so much different from the above heavy designs because in this the artists have to show their arts by filling all the gaps perfectly with the help of small designs.


In different cultures, mehndi flourished with varied styles and designs. Traditional mehndi designs are a creative representation of the sun on the palm. Mehandi designing is a pain-free art that is used to become relax. It is an art that has been practiced from the ancient times in East Africa but now it becomes a regular activity on most of the occasions. In early time Mehndi has been applied on the body to keep it cool.

dulhan mehndi design

When we talk about diverse designs fines lines are mostly applied in India and Pakistan Mehendi designs. While in Morocco designs there are complicated geometric patterns has been used widely. It is mainly applied on hands and feet with the specific type of designs.

Henna paste is applied on the skin using a cone, paint brush or stick. The paste dries in 15-20 minutes and begins to crack. During this time a mixture of lemon juice and sugar is applied on the design will to remoisten the mehandi paste so that the color of the design will be dark. The final color is dark red and it can last for one to three weeks according to the quality of mehndi. The purpose of applying Mehndi isn’t only to fill your hands or feet and load them heavily with patterns but to enhance the beauty of your hands and make them looking more attractive and beautiful. There are different categories of mehndi designs such as Arabic  Designs, Pakistani, Indian, Rajasthani, Simple, Dark, Eid, Christmas  Designs and Tattoo design which can be applied on Hands, Feet, Legs, Arms, Shoulders and Body.

Peacock Mehndi Design

beautiful mehandi design

Peacock mehndi design fine and sophisticated because of its great versatility. Peacock tailor more punch has great value in Indian culture. The feathers are a source of charm as well as beauty. It is a great combination of nature as well as human creativeness perfectly signifies the beauty of this prominent part in an individual life. Sometimes an artist will design peacock in an elegant manner their peacock has been drawn in the middle while sometimes shading of the peacock will give the traditional and enthralling appearance. Peacock design is not so complicated but it needs a perfect practitioner to implement this design in a perfect way.

Round Mehndi Design

mehandi designs for hands

Round circle Mehndi Design on the back side of the hand seems to be gorgeous.Circles beginning with a small darkened flowers and then it process to be filled with several petals at least it makes an excellent pattern. A single circle has been made in the center of the palm or then add more flowers of different sizes that result the design becomes larger and more ornamental. The edges of the circle have shaded properly then adorned with spirals and petals that make the flowers. In Round mehndi designs complicated and large intricate patterns can enhance the beauty of the back side palm.

Punjabi Bridal Mehendi Design

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Punjabi mehndi design is different from each and every design because they signify the heritage and culture of Punjab. The designs are intricate and require practice. When Punjabi design compare with Arabic design that has a unique feature of bold and big while the other will explain the whole story of life. Punjabi ladies love to decorate their hands with mehandi on Baisakhi, Karvachauth, etc but the bridal mehndi designs that it need more delegation and focus because its elaborate nature of design need much more practice and patience in decorate the hands. Mostly several designs patterns may include such as peacock, leaves and creeper, floral designs, bride and groom designs. When the bride wear dark color nail polish with effective henna color on front side and back side of palm then she look complete for her wedding. In the Punjabi bridal traditional design has a trend of picturising the pretty hands with dulha-dulhan on the palms. That will look so unique and charming. The emphasis of implementing of several mehndi designs is to give an amazing look to the pretty hands. The most interesting fact about Punjabi bridal design is that sometimes it represent complete baarat and so on, these design are always on trend and compliments with other mehndi designs.

Beautiful Mehndi Design

mehndi design images free download

Some girls are really crazy about beautiful mehndi designs who want a perfect design on their palms that give an attractive look to their beautiful hands. Some mehndi designs are intricate. The skill of applying mehndi has been change merely gay by day therefore we get started with straight forward mehndi design that look beautiful by generating simultaneous straight lines and its beauty may be enhance with the dot structure that carry it to next level. Artist may start this design with the lower and of the arm with the pattern of small flowers that may surrounded with small creepers as well as some net pet skills while the finger have  just a simple design in which the combination of lines with spirituals and leafy creepers they give a unique appearance to the pretty hands. This design is known in all over the world beautiful mehndi design because it comprise of simple pattern of lines and flowers   but it seen to look perfect as well as beautiful. This modern design is popular among girls that want to attend family functions or gathering so this is suitable for these kind of situations. The scerenic nature will make it exclusive from other designs.

Floral Mehndi Design For Full Hand

simple arabic mehndi design

Full hand mehndi on the bridal hand magnetize the attention of people towards them. This type of mehndi design always looks brighter and shiner that will make a distinctive identity to the bride hand. This will include some of the complex pattern for this you need a perfect professional make it more elegant. Several patterns are used for designing purpose such as flowers, peacock, floral, leaves that help them to fully cover the palms with latest designs. But this type of mehndi is different from every type because this will include some patterns of bails especially the combination long flower designs that seem to be nice. This design begins from the lower end of the arm and then proceeds to palm. The designing technique used in it is just design small flowers petals but in a long length. This type of design is so much popular among the girls when they have to attend some a party and function. This will consist some gaps that have been left in the hands because this design comprise of flowers so some space has remained between them. This kind of convention always keeps smiles on the bride face because it best compliments to jewelry as well as other accessories. This process is typically difficult for an artist because it a bride has lot of expectation from her mehndi so it is the primary duty to fulfill all her needs by satisfying her with every aspect of mehndi.